ELAA Technology’s Response to Covid-19 Outbreak : Portable Ventilator

ELAA Technology,a digital health company developing medical devices for certain cancer types,  takes on the challenge to support the community in our fight against SARS-CoV2.


ELAA Technology , which operates in Cube Incubation, the incubation center of Teknopark Istanbul, is working on the development of a portable mechanical respirator (mechanical ventilator) for patients suffering from COVID-19 infection.

Although the designed device is a portable ventilator (mechanical breathing apparatus), it also contains electronic control units with respiratory support modes necessary for the treatment of COVID-19. Thus, without the need for an intensive care bed, this mobile ventilator will be used in any patient bed or ambulance with medical oxygen and air connections, and the place of the patient can be transformed into an intensive care room. The room designs of the new generation city hospitals also have the potential to turn each patient bed into an intensive care bed, so the ventilator to be produced is expected to be an indispensable device for these hospitals. It is aimed to present the ventilator to be developed to our country first and then to the whole world.

The prototype tests of the device, the design and technical drawings of which have been completed and the material specifications have been determined, have been started. Following the completion of the product prototype testing be offered to Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Devices Agency and the series is scheduled to go into production.

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