ELAA Technology has been accepted to Technology Development Foundation of Turkey’s (TTGV) HIT Program

ELAA Technology has been granted 50.000 USD by Technology Development Foundation of Turkey’s (TTGV) HIT Program for completion of its first medical device product development and certification.

HIT is a thematic development program built on the "Enterprise Development Model" specific to TTGV, which focuses on accelerating the first customer / first sales processes of technology-based early stage initiatives.

In order to ensure the concentration of market expertise envisaged by the development process in the program, the needs and road maps of the enterprises are determined in the chosen thematic area. It was determined as the first thematic vertical health sector.

HIT consists of business development activities that will be provided by qualified entrepreneurs, a valid business plan, within the focus of thematic verticals determined by TTGV as a priority, in order to accelerate the first market entry processes and within a budget of 50.000 USD. Accordingly, once ELAA Technology receives investment from any independent investor within 5 (five) years from the date of acceptance, TTGV will have the right to participate in the investment as a co-investment with 10% discount up to 1 million USD.

Within the framework of the unique methodological approach of the program, professionals, mentors and consultants from the industry and various layers of the industry are determined to jointly identify the business development processes with the initiatives and to create a special recipe for the initiative. In operational processes, TTGV contributes directly to the expense of any business development products and services that enterprises will receive from the outside during the commercialization phase. In addition to the consultants who will work integrated with the TTGV team to develop new initiatives in the program implementation and speed up their effective entry into the market, sufficient experience and networking knowledge on mentoring, strategy development, sales, marketing, accreditation, certification and other thematic-specific consultancy issues in conducting business development activities. professional contributions of professional experts and organizations.


About TTGV : 

TTGV has been founded with the aim of bringing together the world in 1991, with real public-private partnership with the private sector by supporting technology and technology innovation activities in Turkey. Particularly in the developed world including the European Union accept and acclaim ecosystem "as a non-profit organization the primary tool / implementing agency" model in Turkey only a sample. The Foundation was established by law in Turkey between 7 single foundations operating in the field of innovation and technology. TTGV aims to diversify its activities and increase their scale by creating new resources with the income generated from these activities.


Turkey's respected organization located in the 56 Member Founder Our Board, Public Institutions, Private Sector Organizations, Chambers, Associations, Foundations and consists of parties.

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